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Alchemy Counseling presents: The Alchemy Approach -  Tips, techiques, and interventions for clinicians to better treat patients suffering from suicidal thoughts.  Written by Marc Davis, LMHC and former crisis counselor for the Long Island Crisis Center. 

This 50-page book will:

  • Empower you with tips, techniques, and tools NOT just for prevention, but intervention. 

  • Give you example dialogues of treatment and how the interventions are used. 

  • Help you determine a patient's lethality (their level of risk).

  • Teach you how to create a safety plan with your patient.

  • Help you feel more confident in your clinical skills. 

    This book is intended for therapists, nurses, or ANY health care provider who may be treating patients grappling with suicidal ideations. 

The Alchemy Approach (E-Book)

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