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Struggling with your faith or current level of observance? Been a victim of antisemitism? You want a therapist with a strong and intimate understanding of your cultural and/or religious identity, no matter if you're Charedi or just Jew-ish.

Image by Boris Ivanović

Whether you go to synagogue every Sabbath or just for the High Holy Days (or even not at all!), your Jewish identity is of strong cultural or religious importance to you. Seeing a therapist who has first-hand knowledge and understanding of Jewish life can give you a much richer and more rewarding therapy experience.

Jews of any denomination experience the same mental and emotional struggles as everyone else. You may feel more comfortable  where your cultural and religious beliefs can be incorporated and respected in your treatment.  It makes life much easier to not have to waste time explaining basic parts of your daily life, or translating every Hebrew and Yiddish word in your everyday speech. It frees up so much time for actual therapy!

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