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Marc Davis, LMHC

Founder & Clinical Director



I know how difficult it can be to seek help. Maybe you're feeling shameful to ask for help or overwhelmed by the myriad therapists to choose from. I specialize in working with teens and young adults who are struggling with the world around them. Whether you're still in school or navigating the professional world for the first time, having a hard time in the dating scene or dealing with your first break-up, or experiencing intense emotions that feel like they're dominating your life - it's easy to feel like "it's just too much".


The good news is that you don't have to resign yourself to feeling this way forever. Imagine investing in your future. Imagine attaining greater clarity, confidence, and connection to your self, your emotions, and the people in your life. That's what Alchemy Counseling is here to help you do.

Why Alchemy?

ALCHEMY /ˈælkəmē/

noun: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, and/or combination.

Real, practical change is a part of my brand. The logo for Alchemy Counseling is a lead stone changing into gold as flowers bloom with life. Aside from being a reference to how ancient practitioners tried to literally turn lead into gold, it's an apt metaphor for the results my patients see over time. Those determined to overcome their emotional difficulties find that they don't just feel better, but they get better.

Devoted to promoting and empowering you with insight, responsibility, and self-mastery.

Grounded in patient-centered treatment, I combine cognitive-behavioral theory with a strengths-based approach. I've been trained by the Albert Ellis Institute and Beck Institute as a Rational Emotive/Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist and CHI Professional Development in Brief Solution-Focused Therapy. Through these evidence-based practices, along with compassion and humor, I assist patients in discovering whatever barriers may be holding them back in life and break through them! 

I believe that we all have the power to be the alchemists of our own lives, and fundamentally transform ourselves. Whereas the alchemy of old may have used complex mathematical formulas and procedures; the alchemy of today is that of changing and “transmuting” self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors into mastery of self. 

Meet Your Therapist

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I am a NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has been counseling in various capacities since 2013. I've acted as a crisis counselor for the Long Island Crisis Center, as well as trained would-be counselors in handling all manner of crises. I earned both my Bachelors in Psychology (2015) and my MS in Mental Health Counseling (2017) from CUNY Queens College. I am also a member of both the American Counseling Association and the New York Mental Health Counselors Association. Currently, I am pursuing additional education and training to become a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner so I can better assist my patients who require both psychotherapy and medication.

Outside the office, I engage in various nerdy hobbies such as D&D, Marvel & DC comics, and Star Wars. When not rock climbing or gaming, I am bettering my language skills. Aside from English, I am proficient in Spanish and Italian, having spent my early clinical work in a community clinic working primarily with patients who did not speak English as a first language. French is my current work in progress!

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