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Is your temper difficult to control?  Do you struggle with irritability and frustration over seemingly small or insignificant things?  Perhaps friends and family have expressed concern, attempted interventions, or issued ultimatums.


Everyone feels angry sometimes. In fact, it's a normal and healthy emotion. However, if you're spending multiple hours or days at a time feeling angry and it's beginning to negatively impact your life, then it may feel like it's getting out of hand.  Everyone deals with emotions differently.  Whether your anger turns inward or outward, we will explore the reasons for your anger, as well as coping skills and tools that will help you manage your emotions.

Extreme anger is often a result of past experiences leading to negative thought patterns, such as bullying, abandonment, or shame.  If it's right for your situation, we can explore events from your past that may be affecting your present day life and begin to reconcile with those uncomfortable feelings.

You may be struggling to keep from acting out against your loved ones, breaking things without thinking, hurting yourself, or just experiencing uncomfortable physical symptoms like rapid heartbeat and feelings of humiliation or tenseness.

No matter how anger shows up in your life, there are many options to help lessen its impact.  It may be a symptom of other issues, such as Major Depressive Disorder or Bipolar Disorder, or it may be the root problem itself.

Talk therapy can help your channel your emotions into something productive, whether that's exercise, art, writing, meditation, etc.  Beginning with awareness of when you are feeling angry, we can untangle the cause of the emotion and find more appropriate ways to deal with it.  We don't have to get rid of anger entirely - it's still a healthy emotion - but we can make sure that you express it safely without endangering yourself or others.

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