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“Marc’s book gives you the tools you need to speak with empathy, compassion, and, most importantly, confidence! This is an extraordinary book written by an extraordinary clinician with an extraordinary gift.”

Theresa Buhse

Executive Director,  Long Island Crisis Center

If a patient were to come to you expressing their desire to end their own life, would you feel prepared... Or would you feel scared?

As a former crisis counselor, mental health professional, and suicide-intervention specialist, I want YOU to be as confident as you can be. As a healthcare professional, it's imperative to be equipped and prepared in those life-or-death moments that matter the most. 

My book, The Alchemy Approach, contains everything a therapist, nurse, or any other health care provider will need to intervene with a patient who is suffering from suicidal thoughts.

This easily accessible book will:


  • Empower you with tips, techniques, and tools for NOT JUST prevention, but primarily intervention. 

  • Give you example dialogues of treatment for how the interventions are implemented. 

  • Teach you how to create safety plans with your patients that will ensure protection from litigation.

  • Help you feel more confident in your clinical skills. 

Invest in prevention. Invest in intervention.
Invest in hope. 

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