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Not sure what to do with your life now that graduation has come and gone?

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There are many challenges facing young people today, and it's easy to feel confused about what to do next when everyone else seems to have an opinion. Whether you're trying to decide where to go to college and what to study or you're navigating your growing independence as a young adult, seeing a therapist can provide a trusted, non-biased opinion while you evaluate your options and make a decision about how to move forward.

Therapy can also help you gain self confidence, practice expressing yourself and setting boundaries, establish goals for your personal life or career, and become more organized at home, school, and work.

Struggling to settle into your new role in the workplace? Feeling like your big dreams and ambitions have stalled out?

As a young professional entering the workforce, it can be very intimidating to feel like you're stuck at the bottom of the pecking order. You may feel uncomfortable expressing your needs or opinions to your coworkers and bosses, or you may feel that you're even being exploited in the workplace. Perhaps you were excited to embark on a new stage of your life but now you feel bored and uninspired by your current job and you're no longer sure if you're in the right field.

Navigating interpersonal relationships, committing to changes of career, or asking for accommodations in the workplace can be made easier with the help of an experienced therapist who can help you evaluate your options and make a plan. 

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